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Millennials would take a lower wage to travel

Young people would be willing to take a lower wage if it meant they could travel around the world.

A study by LinkedIn has found that 40 percent of millennials would take 10 percent less pay if they could travel and work from anywhere in the world.

And one in three people would take a similar pay cut so they could design their own schedule and make things work best for them.

It comes after a separate study found that a third of employees would swap jobs if it meant they could travel more. 38 percent of the 17,000 working professionals surveyed says they would jump at the chance to change their jobs if it meant they could see more of the world, with that figure rising up to 46 percent when it came to millennials.

And 37 percent of people confessed accepting their current job because it would allow them to travel more.

Mike Greenup, Vice President Brand Management, for Crowne Plaza, added: "Our Crowne Plaza research and guest insights demonstrates that today's business travellers want to maximise their downtime. We know it's not all about work when you're on a business trip and our new outlook is that we're 'all business, mostly'.

"That's why Crowne Plaza is working with a series of partners to help guests maximise their downtime, enabling them to put as much energy and ambition into 'project me' as they are into work. To do this, we're working with a leading media partner to launch a dedicated 'Downtime' channel, as well as Conran + Partners and the School of Life to create an environment that champions the work-life blend."

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