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40 percent of Americans have never left the country

Two fifths of Americans have never been out of the country.

A study by OnePoll, commissioned by travel luggage provider Victorinox, found that 40 percent of those surveyed had never been out of the country and one in 10 of Americans had never left their home state.

A spokesperson for Victorinox said: "The results show that the vast majority of people have the desire to travel more but just haven't quite been able to make the leap yet. There is so much to see and explore, not just internationally but domestically as well, and it's remarkable to see that so many people feel unprepared or don't have the travel luggage that enables them to pack up and set off. Given how many respondents strongly desire to venture out into the world, we fully understand the need to provide reasonable and dependable travel solutions for new travellers."

The survey also looked at people's luggage and 60 per cent of people felt that size and functionality were the most important qualities in a case.

The spokesperson added: "Having sturdy and reliable luggage can go a long way in securing the confidence to make that journey- whether it be to a different state or an entirely different continent. The respondents who consider size and functionality among the most important qualities in a bag speaks to Victorinox's continued commitment to providing ample and competitively priced travel solutions for all travelers. We aim to create travel gear that is not only functional and innovative but adaptable and flexible for the newest of travellers to the seasoned frequent fliers."

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