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Travelling is a 'top priority'

Travelling is a "top priority" for people.

Consumers are itching to get abroad, with more than 7.3 million of British people saying travelling internationally is a "life-priority", more so than ever before.

Around 40 million holidaymakers are also planning on spending a fifth of their disposable income on travel in 2018. There is also a notable increase in spend per person whilst on holiday, with the figure jumping from £726 per person on average to £821 in 2018. It is those aged 65 and over who spend the most of travel - £876 per person on average, research by currency exchange platform WeSwap has revealed.

Nearly half of all travellers (40 percent) naturally prefer to plan their holiday, booking it well in advance, compared to 1 percent who spontaneously decide to go abroad.

Meanwhile, around 25 percent of holidaymakers are keen to spread their wings and travel to countries further afield such as sunny destinations or go on long-haul flights.

WeSwap founder and chief executive, Jared Jesner, said: "The fact that the nation loves holidays is of course well known, however understanding how this passion converts to actual consumer spend for 2018 is significant. It's great to see that such a vast proportion of Brits are keen to travel further afield and showing a real commitment to international adventures.

"Equally, with so many travellers planning in advance and looking at alternatives to get the most out of their travel budgets, it's clear we're becoming a much more savvy nation of holidaymakers when it comes to maximising our travel money."

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