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Travellers are not ready for the future

Travellers are not ready for the future of travel.

A survey, commissioned by Travelzoo and in partnership with ITB Berlin, found that 90 percent of people are not quite ready for the wave of technology coming to the industry right now - including self-driving cars, aircraft powered by alternative fuels and hyperloops, for example.

Only seven percent of people said they would prefer to travel in an aircraft that uses alternative fuels whilst 76 percent of people admitted they would not trust driverless or pilotless technology, including airplanes, enough to consider travelling in it. 78 percent of people also admitted they would be "very" or "quite" worried about their safety and the reliability of the technology..

However, travellers did see the benefit of technologies such as these, with 74 percent of people agreeing that a reduction in emissions and congestion would be good for the environment. Other benefits rated highly include faster travel times (88 percent) and a reduction in the stress of travel (63 percent).

Joel Brandon-Bravo, Travelzoo General Manager, UK, said: "Advances in automation, artificial intelligence, design and materials, and pure necessity, are combining to drive a revolution in how we will travel and take trips in the future. But our study emphasises that there is a trust gap that must be bridged. Only 8% of respondents globally said they would be comfortable flying in a drone - so a message to the entrepreneurs and organizers rushing to be first to market is that a huge majority of their potential customers need to be convinced about safety and reliability."

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