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LAX airport trials smart restrooms

Los Angeles International Airport are trialling "smart" restrooms.

The Californian airport have teamed up with Tooshlights, which offers "real-time data" on the availability of bathrooms around the terminal as well as warn operators of any issues so they are able to respond to them quicker.

Allen Klevens, President and Chief Executive Officer at Modus Systems LLC, the parent company of Tooshlights, said: "A common problem in facility design is flow of movement, which affects passenger satisfaction. Tooshlights is disrupting the public restroom industry by fixing the efficiency of restrooms, especially in large commercial spaces like airports, where people are pressed for time. We are thrilled that our hometown airport is the first airport in the world to feature Tooshlights."

Whilst Michael Christensen, Deputy Executive Director of the Facilities and Maintenance Group at Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), added: "The real-time data that we will be receiving through our new smart restroom technology will help us to respond quicker when issues occur, and gain base-line data for daily and weekly restroom usage, so we can better plan and deploy our resources, including custodians, and maintenance workers. Just like a physical traffic management system, these smart restrooms will allow us to do our job better and more efficiently."

The team at LAX hope this new addition will improve guest experience.

Barbara Yamamoto, Chief Experience Officer at LAWA, shared: "We're incredibly excited to try out this new technology, which should help improve our guest experience and allow us to better monitor and service our restrooms.

"The desire for clean and available restrooms is consistently in the top ranks of what guests want at an airport, and this will help us provide a higher level of service to the traveling public and allow us to better meet our strategic goal of delivering facilities and guest experiences that are exceptional."

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