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Travellers want somewhere unique to stay

Nearly a third of travellers are looking for somewhere unique to stay on holiday. have found that 30 per cent of people want to experience some sort of alternative accommodation in the next 12 months whilst one in five (21 per cent) of people would consider listing their own home on a travel site.

Olivier Grémillon, Vice President at, said: "We know that travellers are passionate about exploring a huge variety of different stay experiences, including everything from apartments to houseboats. We've been pushing hard to add as many amazing homes and apartments to our platform as possible in order to guarantee that we're providing the choice and diversity our customers crave. We're definitely proud of this milestone and will continue to strengthen our leadership position in this space. No matter what type of experience our customers want, we aim to connect them with the unique stay that's just right for them."

And it has been revealed that millennials prefer homestays to hotels. wrote in their report: "The Millennial generation is often shorthand, of course, for overall consumer behavior disruption. They just happen to adopt early and often - the canaries, if you will, in a coal mine where brand allegiance is dropping and the product that's most convenient can ascend to market domination (and profitability) in record time. But there's no denying that Millennial consumers - a generation of especially empowered, fearless, efficiency-seeking Americans - have been brought up in a culture that will never resemble that of their parents ... or even their older siblings."

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