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Travellers prefer to head abroad solo

Travellers prefer to head abroad solo.

A study by Expedia has found that a quarter of people (25 per cent) are planning to go solo on a trip in the next 12 months, with the average solo trip lasting 11 days. And the reason for this is that 44 per cent of people prefer to be able to do their own thing.

Another reason for heading on holiday on their own is because they want to get a bit of 'me' time and also want some escapism from their normal life.

A third of people also admitted going on their own meant they had a better experience and it also improved their own confidence and mental health.

One fifth of British people also revealed they travelled alone because their friends were having families and settling down whilst 14 per cent of people said they couldn't agree with their friends about the destination.

Mark Tavender, travel expert at Expedia, said: "Although Brits are keen to indulge in a bit of alone time, we're more attached to our phones than ever before. Whilst we might 'physically' be travelling solo, we never experience loneliness when we have the company and conversation of hundreds of people at our finger tips. Technology plays a huge role in the vacation of a modern traveller, particularly Instagram, which is not only a source of destination inspiration, but now also dictates how we holiday. Whilst social media is great for documenting our trips, it's important that we still take a bit of time away from our phones to truly immerse ourselves in our travels."

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