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American workers are taking more time off work to travel

American workers are taking more time off work than ever to travel.

Project: Time Off aims to find out if US employees are using their allotted holiday time to its maximum capacity and have discovered that workers took an average of 17.2 days of vacation a year, a seven year high. It is up .4 days from 2016 and was 16.0 days in 2014.

And over half of Americans (52 per cent) admitted that they didn't use up all their vacation time in 2017, with around a quarter (24 per cent) of people admitted they have not taken a vacation in more than a year.

And over four fifths of people (84 per cent) want to use their time off to travel, with nearly nine in ten people (86 per cent) admitting that they haven't seen enough of their country.

Project: Time Off vice president and report author Katie Denis said: "While Americans are now using more vacation time, the benefits aren't being fully realised because most workers are using less than half of their time off for travel. Simple and avoidable barriers to travel end up costing American workers in the long term. When we forego travel, we miss out on defining moments, experiences and memories, and end up costing our economy, too ... Companies are increasingly realising that an encouraging vacation culture has the power to positively influence the bottom line."

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