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Booking direct with hotels doesn't always benefit them

Booking direct with a hotel doesn't always make it cheaper for them.

Whilst you may assume you are doing a hotel a favour by booking direct with them, saving them from possible commission, the cost of moving it across has been described as "marginal" for hotels, or possibly even negative.

Instead, it has been advised that people should use the website or agent that best suits their needs.

Ian Lowden, author of the study, which was conducted by Infrata, specialist economists in the travel industry, said: "Servicing consumer needs while attempting to switch different consumer types between channels can be complex. When cost, revenue and consumer behavior dynamics are accurately modeled, it is clear that the cost of moving indirect bookings to 'direct' is marginal and possibly negative in terms of a revenue impact for the hotel."

Whilst Christoph Klenner, the European Technology and Travel Services Association (ETTSA) Secretary General, added: "The widely held belief that direct distribution is cheaper for hotels than indirect distribution has been debunked once and for all in this study. It seems that the major incentive for hoteliers to push direct sales is to reduce transparency and comparability for consumers, reducing competition between hotels. Customers must be given the choice of which channels they use that best suits their needs."

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