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TripAdvisor inspired 433 million trips

TripAdvisor influenced 433 million trips in 2017.

A study by the major online travel company has confirmed that they are becoming increasingly the go to place to influence and inspire holidays both here and abroad.

International tourism also continued to grow in 2017 for the eight year in a row.

Charlie Ballard, director of strategic insights at TripAdvisor, said: "We launched this study not only because we wanted to better understand the true size and scope of the global travel economy, but also to better understand TripAdvisor's scale and impact on tourism. The travel category is indeed enormous and outpacing other consumer spending worldwide, and TripAdvisor not only inspires travel, but also causes more travel - in particular by encouraging travelers to take longer trips by showing them how much more there is to see and do."

Martin Verdon-Roe, vice president of product & marketing for TripAdvisor hotels, added: "We are happy to see more data and studies that affirm TripAdvisor's positive contribution to consumers, travel businesses and the broader economy is huge and undeniable. For hotels, rentals, attractions, experiences and restaurants across the globe, the key takeaway from the latest research is that there has never been a better time to market your business on TripAdvisor."

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