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Malaysians love to head abroad

Malaysians love to head abroad - taking five flights a year.

Data compiled by Expedia for their Global Flight and Hotel Etiquette Study has found that residents from the Asian country are in the top five of jet-setters in the world, taking an average of 5.5 flights a year, 3.6 which are for personal holidays and another 1.9 for work.

This compares to Belgians, who fly the least at an average of 2.9 trips a year, whilst Thais fly the most with a whopping 10.1 flights a year.

And Malaysian travelers are incredibly conscious about the cost of their holidays, with 97 per cent of people admitting it is an important factor when they book their vacation. Price is the most important factor (74 per cent), followed by free WiFi (71 per cent) and the location of their hotel (63 per cent).

Lavinia Rajaram, the Expedia regional communications head of Asia, said: "In the recent 2017 Expedia Vacation Deprivation Study, affordability issues are the primary reasons cited for not taking sufficient vacations among Malaysians. And when they do, the total cost of flight and accommodation do weigh in heavily."

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