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Young travellers head abroad

Children have travelled more before their 10th birthday than their grandparents have done in their entire lives.

It has been revealed that at the age of 10, this generation of children will have gone on more trips than their grandparents have done in their lives to date.

The study found that a majority of children have been abroad around six times by the tender age of 10, compared to grandparents, who have been abroad eight times in their lives.

The parents who were surveyed insisted travelling is a "normal" part of their children's lives and even compared to them, they had only been on holiday once or twice at that age and stayed in Europe.

Generational expert Dr Paul Redmond, who analysed the findings of the study commented: "For the travel industry, Generation Z is incredibly important. Not only do they exert a powerful influence on their parents, they are a generation that care more about experiences and travel than any other generation.

"The travel industry must pay heed to the interests and wishes of Generation Z - flying to the seaside to paddle and sunbathe for two weeks isn't going to suffice for these young adventurers. Generation Z will be the biggest instigators of change within the tourism industry, if these results are anything to go by."

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