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Workers need to travel 1000 miles to be out of boss' reach

British workers need to travel 1000 miles away from their work to feel out of the reach of their boss.

In a survey of 2000 people, 20 per cent of people admitted they were more likely to answer calls or respond to emails if they were closer to home. A third of people also admitted they needed to take a long haul holiday - to the likes of the United States or Australia - to be able to really escape their day job.

And 41 per cent of people felt that if they were in the same timezone as their home country, their office was more likely to think they were available.

Sean Doyle from British Airways, who commissioned the research, said: "Sometimes, you just want a quick getaway and don't want to go too far. But if you really want to switch off from work and forget about what's happening in the office, you may want to head further afield. Going on a long-haul trip also gives you a great opportunity to take in a different side to life than the one you are used to, at the same time as being able to switch off from work for a while."

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