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Children 'call the shots' on holiday

Children are more likely to "call the shots" on holiday.

It has been revealed that seven out of ten parents ask their kids about where they should go for their vacation before they head abroad.

The study was carried out by Royal Caribbean International as they launch their first ever Gen-Z expert panel, the 'Little Extraordinaires'.

Dr Paul Redmond said: "For the travel industry, Generation Z is an incredibly important cohort. Not only do they exert a powerful influence on their Generation X parents - who are extremely tuned into their well-being and personal development, but they are a generation that care more for experiences than possessions. Moreover, as a generation which has grown up with more digital technology at their fingertips than NASA used to launch the Space Shuttle, they expect to see innovation embedded in the experiences around them.

"Gen Z seek out experiences that can be shared with others; they want variety, choice and options and - even more importantly - a certain amount of autonomy and independence from Mum and Dad. It's so important that the travel industry listens to them - the annual, two week 'fly and flop' holiday on the beach is not going to cut it for them and holiday companies will need to take this into consideration when shaping the holidays of the future."

Whilst Ben Bouldin, Royal Caribbean International's Associate Vice President and Managing Director of UK and Ireland, added: "The Little Extraordinaires will be given the chance to provide feedback directly to our most senior team. We truly value their comments and you never know where the next big idea will come from."

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