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Women's holiday fears

Solo female travellers pick their destinations based on their safety.

Women - if travelling alone - are quite conscious about where they head abroad and say it is the second most important factor when choosing a destination, behind the actual place being where they want to go.

Two thirds (63 per cent) of women think a lot about their safety whilst travelling, with a similar amount of females like to travel domestically or internationally in 2018 and women make sure to improve their personal safety by sharing their itinerary with a family member of a friend (93 per cent) and 87 per cent purchase emergency travel cover.

AIG Travel's Pulse Poll on Women's Travel Safety found that say they are most at risk of theft or scams including having their purse snatched or pickpocketing (93 per cent), being subjected to credit card fraud (86 per cent), having their identity or identity documents nicked (63 per cent) and being scammed by a local taxi (62 per cent).

AIG Travel are also launching a Women's Travel Safety initiative, which advises women on how best to research their chosen destinations and helps them to get to know the local laws and customs. They also want to raise awareness of travel safety and are asking people to share their tips on staying safe, using the hashtag #WomenWhoTravel.

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