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Travellers love using agencies

Travel agents are becoming increasingly important.

A study has found that, in the United States and Canada, people are looking towards agencies to help them book their time away. Travellers are also happy to pay a premium price for their trip if an agency take over the organisation and booking of it.

For respondents, 65 per cent of people said they appreciated the knowledge travel agencies could pass on, like what hotels to stay in or places off the beaten track whilst 53 per cent like that agents know more about the person's destination of choice.

30 per cent of people like being able to get help in emergency situations whilst just over a quarter (26 per cent) like the idea of the special deals, amenities or upgrades they can get with their booking.

Carl Schmitt, vice president of Head of Marketing for Ensemble Travel Group, said: "To have price come in dead last tells us we've turned the corner when it comes consumer awareness of the real value a travel professional makes in creating extraordinary vacations. The days of 'Can you get me the best deal?' are gone - and hopefully for good."

Jason Merrithew of Merit Travel added to TravelPulse Canada: "I'm thrilled to see consultants embracing the modern role of a travel consultant by adding value during the transaction, not just the value of the transaction itself. We have some ways to go however to ensure that, as a profession, travel experts are able to bring a valued service to a more modern clientele. I would hope to see many more experts reporting a higher percentage of satisfied millennial clients over the next five years."

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