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Bleisure travelers more productive

Business travelers feel more productive if they get a bit of leisure time whilst abroad.

A study conducted by the University of East London (UEL) has revealed that 78 per cent of those who head abroad on business trips feel personal wellbeing has improved when they're back to work.

Robert Sinclair, CEO of London City Airport, said: "We are seeing a generation of people for whom work and leisure are intertwined, and they're applying that blend of business and pleasure when they travel. The reason? They think it's good for their health and their wealth."

Whilst Birte Schmitz, co-author of the report and lecturer in hospitality and tourism management at UEL, added: "There's a great opportunity here for urban business destinations and London City airport to promote leisure and tourism activities along passengers' journeys, to help them unlock the benefits to wellbeing and productivity fellow passengers say they feel."

And more than a third - 36 per cent - of people add more days onto their holiday so they can engage in leisure activities whilst away.

Dr Nazia Ali, co-author of the report and senior lecturer in event and leisure management at UEL, shared: "These benefits of bleisure include positive mind-set when returning to work, sharing of positive experiences with colleagues and contribution to work-life balance."

And Michael Spiers, chief people officer at London City Airport, said: "This research suggests many businesses don't have formal policies in place about when and how employees can add leisure elements to their business travel. So there's a 'quick win' here for HR departments, by setting out these policies, which in turn can boost 'bleisure' travel, promote greater wellbeing and productivity, and show how much employers value the work-life balance of their employees."

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