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Sustainable tourism is on the rise

Sustainable tourism is on the rise.

The Impact Travel Alliance (ITA) have created a report where they have set 32 tactics to help improve sustainable tourism across the world.

The ITA believe there are three core principles to promote this type of tourism, including engaging partners across the world, offering incentives for sustainable tourism and using technology to develop the idea.

Kelley Louise, ITA Executive Director, said: "We are on the cusp of seeing the impact that sustainable travel can have on a much broader scale. Our biggest hurdle is in reaching beyond the niche that sustainability currently exists within the travel industry and engaging the average traveler. We are very much focused on building community and providing the tools and resources that travel professionals need, whether they are well versed in sustainability or are new to it. And now, all of a sudden, we have giant corporations paying attention and looking to us for ideas regarding how they implement sustainable initiatives into what they are doing as well. We need the large corporations on board in order to move the needle forward."

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