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Travelling for work

Business travellers see trips abroad as a holiday rather than work.

A study commissioned by Bristol Airport has found that most employees see their trips more as a vacation than an extension of their work, with nine out of 10 workers revealing they enjoy being able to take trips away as part of their job.

And those who have to travel for their job tend to do so for, on average, eight times a year. However, 83 per cent of respondents wished they could travel abroad for work more often.

Nigel Scott, Business Development Director at Bristol Airport, said: "This research reflects the changes we've noticed on stay lengths for passengers travelling on business which supports the 'bleisure' concept of travel. Previously passengers would arrange business travel involving one or two nights away. But increasingly we are seeing passengers selecting three or more nights stays, in some cases this allows passengers the opportunity of relaxing and enjoying time in and around the destination they are visiting.

"We know for business travellers it is about building client relationships and this cannot be achieved by telephone and email alone, personal face to face meetings are important. Time is valuable and precious for any business traveller and Bristol Airport provides a number of European hub airport destinations with world-wide long haul flight connections. This saves time for the busy business traveller by 'flying local' and we are seeing trends where passengers split up their journey to enjoy a stop-over in a European city prior to their onward flight, again providing the opportunities of networking or arranging meetings."

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