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US travellers get best value for money in Turkey

US travellers wanting to get the most for their money should head to Turkey.

RewardExpert have looked at the current exchange rates for 20 countries around the world and compared them to the previous year, seeing which has depreciated the most and therefore offers the best value for money.

Turkey topped the list, with the dollar worth 28 per cent more against the Lira than it was at this time last year. And in second place was nearby Mexico, which has seen the dollar increase in value by 7.15 per cent against the peso.

Explaining how the results of the study could benefit travellers, RewardExpert shared on their website: "In order to get the most bang for your buck while spending it abroad, it is essential to keep tabs on the exchange rates between the U.S. dollar and foreign currencies. If the dollar increases in value in a certain country that you've been dying to visit, it'd be a good idea to book your flight while your dollar will buy you more. Unless, of course, there's a clear and persistent trend, such that you'd be willing to literally wager that it'll be worth even more later. Conversely, you might want to take a pass on countries where the dollar is weak, and either move on to greener pastures, or bide your time."

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