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Employees urged to switch off completely when they go abroad

Employees should switch off completely when they go abroad.

A study by LinkedIn has found that people perform better when they're back from their holiday if they've had a chance to completely shut off from the business whilst away.

They wrote in their report: "Even though most professionals still check their email on vacation, staying online may make you less productive. When people don't take vacation, they feel overwhelmed (58 per cent), disorganised (21 per cent) - and only 3 per cent feel creative at work. To avoid this burnout, vacation gives you the opportunity to sign off, unplug and experience the world around you to gain inspiration and maintain productivity. And the #1 feeling professionals report when they return from vacation? Refreshed. First, work with your manager well in advance to choose the right time to take off and make sure you are aligned on expectations. Ensure you prep your team to handle your workload while you're away, discuss your out of office point of contact to handle any urgent matters for peace of mind."

And 67 per cent of people have admitted to contacting one of their colleagues whilst the person is on vacation to find out some information or for a follow up.

Blair Decembrele, a director and career expert at LinkedIn, said: "You're not alone if you feel guilty before asking for time off or shutting down your email on the beach, but you should ask. It's important for your well-being, and we often hear that taking time off makes people more productive when they come back."

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