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Millennial families are biggest travel opportunity

Millennial families are the "biggest travel opportunity in 2018".

MMGY Global's Portrait of American Travelers study has revealed that there is most growth in the travel industry for destinations aimed at young couples with families.

MMGY Global's Anna Blount said: "We predict a small amount of growth this year, but no nearly the growth we've seen in past years. Millennial families are the biggest travel opportunity in 2018 ... There's a tendency to think Millennials are all the same, but they're really in three life stages. Just because you're going after Millennial families doesn't mean you're targeting kids, though."

And it is believed that this is down to the increased influence social media is having on those heading on holiday, with many looking to photo sharing site Instagram for influence on where to head abroad.

It was revealed that 66 per cent of millennial travellers use the social media app for their own personal use, with social media posts about a particular destination influencing 21 per cent of millennials to look up about that holiday spot more to see if it's the right one for them. 15 per cent of people from this age group also look to this site when doing their vacation planning.

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