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Belgrade is top European city break

Belgrade has been named the best under-appreciated city break in Europe.

Whilst Paris, Venice and Barcelona are normally the top travel spots for eager holidaymakers when choosing an European city break, a study by the Post Office Travel Money has found that Belgrade, the capital of Serbia; Bucharest, the capital of Romania; and Porto, Portugal offer an equally good experience for visitors but come in at a much cheaper price than the traditional destinations. Bratislava, Ljubljana, Valencia and Toulouse also rank in the top ten as well as Verona and Hamburg.

The costings were based on twelve typical tourist commodities. Whilst in Belgrade, these cost just £148.70, it was a whopping £460.28 in Venice and £398.83 in Paris.

Andrew Brown, spokesperson for Post Office Travel Money, said: "As Europe's lesser-known capitals and second cities start to invest in tourism, now is the time to consider switching to a city that is likely to be cheaper than long-established favourites. In Eastern Europe there are several historic capitals - led by Belgrade, Bucharest and Bratislava - that can rival Krakow, Prague and Budapest on both price and sights. In the west, Porto is a great alternative to Lisbon while cities like Valencia, Verona and Toulouse are cheaper options than city break favourites like Barcelona, Venice and Paris."

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