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Sustainable travel on the rise

Sustainable travel is on the rise.

Three fifths of people are inspired to be eco-friendly when they head abroad by being impressed with natural sights - including coral reefs, rainforests and natural scenery - that they see during their own holidays.

And over half (54 per cent) of people are inspired by seeing how tourism affects people abroad, whilst a similar amount (42 per cent) are shocked by the unsustainable effects of tourism in their home country. 32 per cent of people also feel guilty about the impact their vacation is having on the environment.

Pepijn Rijvers, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at, said: "As travelers increasingly look to explore and experience the world in a sustainable way, we continue to look at ways that we can help make it even easier for them to do that, whether by highlighting eco-friendly properties or enabling people to filter their search results on based on proximity to an electric vehicle charging station. Meaningful change can only come about through collaboration on multiple fronts throughout the entire sustainable tourism ecosystem. That's why we also look to foster innovation in the sustainable tourism space through our Booking Booster initiatives to fund and support remarkable startups and change makers in this area. Today's research reaffirms that sustainable travel is within reach for all of us, which is encouraging as we together strive to make a positive impact for a more sustainable future."

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