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Lying on a beach may not be the best way to relax

Lying on a beach may not be the best way to relax.

When you think of getting away on holiday, you may consider heading for some R and R abroad but relaxing on a sun lounger may not be the best way to get that relaxed holiday.

Xinran Lehto, wellness tourism expert and member of the Purdue Tourism and Hospitality Research Centre, said: "Lying on the beach for many, many days is not the best way to recharge yourself. After a while you get bored and anxious, then you start thinking about work and things at home you need to do. That's not healthy for you. The place should have enough variation of interest and activities that have depth for you to be engaged with. The scope and depth of activities is actually more important."

And instead, Lehto believes that having "focused mental energy" is far more important.

She added: "Once you are attracted to a particular scene, you rest what we call your directed attention - the kind of focused mental energy that you need on a daily basis in order to function well for work and study - and activate your indirect attention, which is being drawn to things that make you a being of thought."

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