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Travellers are not interested in booking sites

Travellers are not interested in booking sites.

Customers are now said to be expecting more from the industry because of "increased connectivity" as they can now get information quickly and easily.

Ian Jones, commercial director of Avis - the American car rental company - Budget Group Pacific, wrote: "The ways we plan and book travel are becoming digitised and more efficient as the industry evolves. Increased connectivity has paved the way for a more informed customer who expects more - and expects it fast."

And Jones believes the role of travel agents has changed and customer service excellence, attention to detail and small gestures is the key to ensuring their place in the market.

Jones added to "The role of travel agents and consultants in the industry has changed accordingly, adapting to fit the different set of needs customers now have ... Excellence in customer service manifests itself in many ways - sometimes it's a dramatic act that goes well beyond the call of duty. Other times it's a series of small but memorable gestures, general expertise or consistent attention to detail."

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