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Employees are taking more business trips than ever

British employees are taking more business trips than ever.

A study by Travelodge has revealed that a third of people are taking 50 per cent more business trips than they ever did before. And 46 per cent of people travel regularly, around an average of three times a week.

And the same equivalent of people think they are more productive when they are out of the office, with eight out of ten people said they travelled as much as they could so they could have face-to-face meetings with their clients and colleagues.

And four in ten people believe business travel has helped them improve themselves - either their skills or confidence, for example.

Meanwhile, another study previously revealed that business travellers are looking for leisure on their work trips too.

Andrew van der Feltz, senior director, EMEA and APAC for Expedia Group Media Solutions, said: "Indian bleisure travelers are willing to travel further and budget more for bleisure trips than any other nation, which underscores the importance of reaching this audience. As the Indian bleisure market continues to grow, this research will empower marketers to strategically target and convert this valuable and growing group of travelers within the condensed research and booking window. By showcasing unique experiences and activities, which are influential factors during the decision-making process, every destination, hotel, restaurant, attraction, airline and more can entice Indian business travelers to extend their trip for leisure."

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