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Millennials would give up sex for travel

Millennials would give up sex to travel more.

A study by Contiki has found that 57 per cent of 18-35 year-olds would gladly give up getting intimate with a partner if it meant they could travel around the world for six months for free.

And millennials are willing to give up other things too, with 80 per cent happy to ditch their Netflix account and 73 per cent would quit drinking alcohol.

It comes after it was revealed over a quarter of millennials suffer from the fear of missing out (FOMO) whilst on holiday.

Sarah Clark, Global General Manager for Topdeck Travel, said: "Each individual traveler has different interests and ideas on how to spend their time while traveling, so it's important for us to pair our authentic and local experiences with the must-do bucket list items in order to strike a balance that offers both unique activities without excluding famous sights. Of course planning all of this on your own and making sure you check everything off your bucket list can be quite stressful, so Topdeck aims to alleviate the hassle that is oftentimes associated with the planning process by doing it all for you. Using our team of experts, we aim to build an itinerary that truly depicts the destination our customers are visiting while our trip leaders provide local advice and recommendations to ensure the experience is as authentic as possible. By handing off the stressful aspects associated with travel to us, all that is left to do is simply enjoy the trip every step of the way."

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