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Travellers don't like to be tourists

Travellers don't like to be tourists.

Millennials prefer to travel off the beaten track rather than go to the same places everyone else is going, with 78 per cent of Chinese respondents revealing the most important thing for them when they go on holiday is to experience the "authentic culture of the place", compared to 62 per cent of respondents from the United States and 60 per cent from the United Kingdom respectively.

And over two fifths (42 per cent) of those surveyed feel social media is the best way to record their holiday compared to traditional photo albums, with two in five millennials feeling it is important to keeping a record of the most important moments in their life online.

Gary Morrison, Brand Expedia Worldwide, said in the report: "We see that through social media, they have grown up with deeper connections to the world than previous generations, and there is a strong desire to enrich their lives through travel - and in turn, they will do so in a host of colourful new ways with challenging new attitudes. As the industry evolves to meet the demands of the Millennial traveller, our report reinforces that above all else Millennials expect personalisation from their travel brands of choice.

"Here at Expedia, we see ourselves as a technology company in the business of travel, and we leverage our powerful data & insights to deliver a better, personalised, customer experience. The next big thing in travel will be the better use of information to make travel more personal and predictive, and Millennials will be the driving force demanding that the travel industry deliver on this promise. We hope that this report will be a step forward in illuminating this ongoing conversation."

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