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Learn languages in your sleep

You could learn a language in your sleep.

For all those people wanting to experience a culture first hand, language is at the heart of their trip. Speak the language and you can immerse yourself into a different country's culture even more than you thought they could.

And those wanting to learn a new language will be happy to know that scientists have revealed that it is very possible to learn new things in your sleep.

Dr. Nitun Verma, MD, MBA, Crossover Health, and spokesperson for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, told Elite Daily: "While how to time sleep to increase learning is still being understood, here is what we now know. The stages of sleep affect learning differently. REM sleep, for example is the sleep where most dreams occur. Maintaining REM sleep helps learn new cognitive mental procedures. Slow wave sleep, like what's found in stage three sleep, helps learning large amounts of factual information and motor skills."

It comes after a study revealed Americans are looking for a deeper meaning when they travel, with 83 per cent of travellers looking for a sense of discovery when they head abroad and 70 per cent are on the hunt for a purposeful experience.

Lauren Liss, VP of US Card at Capital One, said: "This research further reinforces our belief that straightforward travel rewards give people the flexibility to travel their way, allowing them to make connections and create memories that give our travels a true sense of purpose. We hope the conversation will inspire you to create meaningful moments on your next trip by spending even more time experiencing local cultures and making authentic connections with those you encounter along the way."

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