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Singapore is best city for millennials

Singapore is the best city in the Asia-Pacific for millennials.

In a study by ValueChampion, the Asian country ranks highly in the employment prospects for 18 to 30-year-olds as well as offers its residents a great quality of life.

They wrote in their report: "Singapore is the best city for millennials seeking to build a career and enjoy a great quality of life. Our analysis indicates that Singapore's thriving economy provides strong job opportunities for young people. For example, the city had the highest GDP per capita (S$79,000) and the second lowest unemployment rates (2.2% total, 3.96% for youth) of the 20 cities we studied, which suggests that individuals living in Singapore may find relatively easier to find good paying jobs. Furthermore, Singapore had the lowest gender wage gap. Additionally, Singapore's low levels of pollution (4th) and high safety ratings (2nd) make it a great place for anyone to call home."

Following swiftly behind was Tokyo, which received its position for having a "great balance between a strong economy, reasonable cost of living and nice living environment". Figures showed that the country's unemployment rate is just 2.5% whilst GDP per capita is at a whopping S$53,000. Hong Kong placed third, offering its new residents low unemployment levels and high GDP per capita. It is also a very healthy city, with an average life expectancy of over 84 years. However, it has to be said that its high living costs see millennials on average spend around a third of their income on their accommodation.

Guangzhou, China and Melbourne, Australia round out the top five.

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