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Save a third off airfares with this trick

Travellers can save up to a third off their flights by booking on a Sunday.

Data studied by the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) and Expedia Group has revealed that the best day to book a flight to get the lowest price is towards the end of the weekend, whilst booking three weeks ahead of your travel is the time to get the best deal.

They shared: "From most parts of the world - regardless of destination - average ticket prices (ATPs) for economy and premium cabins tend to rise as the departure date gets closer. Waiting to book at the last minute can be an expensive gamble. Booking three weeks ahead of a trip is the "sweet spot" for fare savings ... Economy and premium cabin ATPs tend to be lower when booked on a weekend, usually on a Sunday. (New Zealand is one exception, where Tuesday is usually the least expensive day to book air travel.) Many people save up to 20 per cent, and some can save as much as 36 per cent by booking on a Sunday. The most expensive tickets tend to be booked on Thursdays and Fridays."

And when it comes to booking hotels, Friday is the ideal day whilst Sunday - the best day to book flights - is actually the most expensive when it comes to hotels.

They added in their report: "Drawing from Expedia Group's inventory of more than 895,000 properties offered, data analysts compared the average daily rates (ADR) across different reservation days. Results reveal travellers generally find lowest ADRs on Fridays. Unlike airfares, the most expensive day to book a hotel is generally on a Sunday."

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