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Vanuatu is least safest country when it comes to natural disasters

Vanuatu is the least safest country in the world when it comes to natural disasters.

The South Pacific ocean nation is made up of around 80 small islands, leading it to be the most at risk country in the world due to its proneness to "floods, cyclones, and sea-level rise".

The WorldRiskReport states: "The disaster risk hotspot regions are located in Oceania, Southeast Asia, Central America, and in West and Central Africa. Vanuatu is the country with the highest disaster risk (index value: 50.28) of the 172 countries covered by the WorldRiskIndex 2018. Tonga (index value: 29.42) is in second place, and the Philippines are in third place (index value: 26.70). In these countries, exposure to extreme natural events such as cyclones or earthquakes is very high. Concurrently, they show a very high level of societal vulnerability ... Nine island states are represented among the 15 countries with the highest disaster risk. They are particularly exposed to natural hazards such as floods, cyclones, and sea-level rise."

And it is definitely island countries that see the most risk as there were nine island nations in the top 15 countries with the highest risk.

The report added: "Vanuatu continues to be the country with the highest disaster risk in the WorldRiskIndex 2018. With Tonga, the Philippines, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Brunei Darussalam, Fiji, Timor-Leste, and Kiribati, a total of nine island nations are among the 15 countries with the highest risk. In regards to continents, all in all, Oceania (16.58) has the highest median of WorldRiskIndex values, followed by Africa (8.31), America (7.11), Asia (6.11), and Europe (3.10). In Africa, the hotspots are in Mauritius (rank 16), Djibouti (rank 18), and Guinea Bisseau (rank 19), while in Asia, in addition to the island nations already mentioned, Bangladesh (rank 9) and Cambodia (rank 12) also perform very poorly. On the American continent, Guyana (rank 5), Guatemala (rank 7), Costa Rica (rank 11), and El Salvador (rank 14) have the highest risk."

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