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Travellers can save money on flights by staying longer

Holidaymakers can save money by extending their holiday over a weekend.

A study of data by Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) and the Expedia Group has found that almost 75 per cent of people saved money if they were to include a Saturday night in their stay rather than just Monday through to Friday.

They wrote in their report: "By extending weekday travel (Monday - Friday) to include a Saturday night in-destination, travellers can save around 25 per cent of the weekday-only return fare. In other words, stay a bit longer in destination and you'll probably save money on the total cost of the flights. For some popular corporate travel destinations, where weekday travel is in high demand, the data shows return-airfare can be almost halved if travelers add a Saturday stay to a weekday trip."

Chuck Thackston, managing director of data science at ARC, added: "The savings opportunities by extending mid-week travel over a weekend is a new and valuable finding for travellers. The industry has talked about 'bleisure' travel for a while, and we have been able to quantify the real savings for travellers around this concept. It's something that people who love to travel should start to incorporate into their plans."

And it is not unusual for travellers to look for flights up to 50 times before making the purchase and finding the "right flight at the right price".

Greg Schulze, Expedia Group's senior vice president of commercial strategy and services, added: "Research tells us that travellers often make up to 50 searches before deciding on a flight. Our analysis of more than 50 billion flight searches can help all travellers in the hunt for the right flight at the right price."

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