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Millennials rank sustainable travel highly

Nine tenths of millennials want their travel to be as sustainable as possible.

A majority of people between 18 and 29 feel it is important that the travel agency they book with are committed to sustainability and an agency that lacks this could even lose out on the business because of it.

And over fourth fifths of those surveyed prefer companies that offer a selection of sustainable travel options, with over half (51 percent) of the 2000 young people surveyed ranking it as very important that their travel money is supporting local communities.

Darshika Jones, director of North America's Intrepid Travel branch, said: "In an increasingly connected world, younger generations are more aware than ever of environmental and societal issues around the globe, and how their decisions impact those issues. Our new 18 to 29s trip range was designed for these young, informed, and adventurous customers who are eager to discover new places and cultures, make a difference in the world, and connect with people their own age who share the same values."

Whilst James Thornton, CEO of Intrepid Travel, added: "Sustainable travel doesn't have to be expensive. This age group will increasingly influence travel trends. Their buying decisions can help to reduce demand for unethical activities like visiting orphanages or riding elephants."

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