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Young people prioritise experiences

Young people prioritise experiences and once in a lifetime trips over cost when it comes to their holidays.

Generation Z - those born between the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s - rank activities and experiences higher than saving money when they head abroad, more so than their millennial counterparts.

And it is no surprise that being the first digital generation, over four fifths (84 per cent) of those say social media is influential, particularly when it comes to finding deals or promotions online as well as pictures of potential destinations. And with most travellers unsure where to go on their holidays, they are very susceptible to advertising and marketing as well as the influence of their friends via social media.

Lisa Lindberg, VP of product management for Expedia Group Media Solutions, said: "Like their millennial predecessors, Gen Z are prioritising travel, but they are much more receptive to inspiration and information, and more reliant on their smartphones at nearly every stage of the purchase journey than other generations. As the first fully digital generation, Gen Z travellers can be influenced by social media and advertising, especially appealing images and deals, so marketers should implement a content-rich, mobile-friendly and multi-platform approach to successfully reach this valuable audience."

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