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Brits worry about upsetting locals with culture gaffes

A majority of British people are worried about making a cultural gaffe when they head abroad.

In a survey, 90 per cent of people confessed they don't research local etiquette before visiting a place including favourite destinations such as Thailand, Australia and China.

However, there is one particular thing Brits like to do abroad - tipping - but they risk offending the locals if they don't do it right.

It can be considered rude to tip in Japan and two thirds of those surveyed confessed that they didn't know that. The same is to be said for China, where tipping can indicate that the tipper thinks the member of staff isn't paid enough by their company.

Paul Hopkinson, Marketing Director at Travelbag, said: "We think people should pack in as much to their holidays as possible. By taking a bit of time to learn about the traditions and customs of the places they're visiting, they'll get more out of the experience when they're there - and avoid potential offence and embarrassment in the process. We're really pleased to pull on the knowledge of our well-travelled team to help our customers get clued up before they go - and come home with a lifetime of great memories."

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