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Passion for travel is firmly on the rise

Passion for travel is firmly on the rise.

The latest Hotel Price Index (HPI) from has shown that there is a still great passion to head abroad despite the impact of natural disasters such as the wildfires in California or the earthquakes in Japan or the impact of political events like Brexit.

It was revealed that there was a growth in the domestic market for the US hotel industry, with prices rising in over half (27) of the top 50 destinations. Las Vegas and New York were both popular amongst US travellers with Orlando, San Diego and Chicago also ranking high.

And 2018 was also great for Canada in terms of tourism as they welcomed 21.13 million travellers internationally, with 14.44 million of these coming from the United States. Naturally, Toronto was the most popular Canadian destination with Vancouver in second place. The Niagara Falls also ranked highly.

Katie Junod, general manager of the brand in North America, said: "HPI has always given us a good barometer on the industry and helps give us an insight into global travel trends. This year we have seen growth despite a lot of political challenges and natural disasters, which indicates that the industry shows no signs of slowing down."

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