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Airline passengers prefer comfort over cheap deals

Airline passengers prefer comfort over price.

A study by The GO Group - which provides shuttles to and from airports in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the UK, France and Italy - has revealed passengers will happily shell out more money if it means they get a nicer travel experience.

However, they are also quite keen to bag a free upgrade to first class, with 35 per cent of people ranking that as the best perk they could receive for their loyalty, just above getting a discount on a future flight (33 per cent).

John McCarthy, president of The GO Group, said: "While first class upgrades were ranked only slightly higher than discounts for future travel, we do think this indicates that the improved economy is affecting the choices people make."

It comes after another study revealed that young people prioritise experiences and once in a lifetime trips over cost when it comes to their holidays. Generation Z - those born between the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s - rank activities and experiences higher than saving money when they head abroad, more so than their millennial counterparts.

Lisa Lindberg, VP of product management for Expedia Group Media Solutions, said: "Like their millennial predecessors, Gen Z are prioritising travel, but they are much more receptive to inspiration and information, and more reliant on their smartphones at nearly every stage of the purchase journey than other generations.

"As the first fully digital generation, Gen Z travellers can be influenced by social media and advertising, especially appealing images and deals, so marketers should implement a content-rich, mobile-friendly and multi-platform approach to successfully reach this valuable audience."

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