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Many have safety fears when travelling

Over four fifths of people worry about their safety when they travel.

A huge 82 per cent of those surveyed have opened up about their travel worries, with 19 per cent of people admitting they were more scared to head abroad in 2018 compared to 2017.

And when it comes to what people are scared of, 69 per cent of people admitted their biggest fear was being a victim of crime whilst on holiday. And 67 per cent of people confessed their main concern was either themselves or a friend or family member falling ill whilst on holiday. A total of 41 per cent of those surveyed said terrorism was their biggest fear.

Global Rescue CEO and founder, Dan Richards, said: "People tend to react to the spectacular and most frightening events that gather the most media attention. However, there are less spectacular albeit more likely events that will negatively affect travel. Certain risks such as minor injuries, illnesses and car accidents cannot be predicted or fully preventable. Careful planning and preparation are always recommended prior to any travel."

Elsewhere in the study, Africa topped the poll of where people are most scared to travel to with 87 per cent, followed closely behind by the Middle East (84 per cent), South America (80 per cent) and Asia at 74 per cent.

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