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Holiday romances aren't popular with younger generations

Holiday romances aren't as popular with the younger generation.

Thomas Cook's annual Holiday Report has revealed that the ever popular summer holiday fling is not so popular now as young people shun looking for love whilst abroad and instead want to spend time with their friends.

A total of 70 per cent of the 18-35 year olds surveyed said they have never had a holiday romance whilst 50 per cent of respondents insist they don't even want one.

Instead, these holidaymakers are more focused on spending time with their friends, their family or their existing partner - with 88 per cent making this their priority.

Their report reads: "Of course, it makes sense that in a pre-Tinder age, it was much more common to meet people in a bar or around the pool. But perhaps the death of the holiday romance is not such a bad thing, given the mischief that went on and potential heartbreak that previous generations experienced when on tour."

It comes after a previous study revealed over a third of travellers are looking for a holiday romance, with 36 percent of single travellers feel like they could make a "romantic connection" with someone they meet on vacation, more so than they would within their day to day life. For men, this figure was at over half - 51 percent - compared to just a quarter, 25 percent, for women.

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