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Italy is the most popular country

Italy is the most popular country to travel to in the world.

The European country - which is home to Rome's famous Colosseum, Venice's Grand Canal and Milan's Duomo di Milano - was the most searched country by a whopping number for the residents of the United States, Canada, Russia, Brazil, China, Mexico and India.

The team at Travel Supermarket used Google's Keyword Planner to look for the number of searches each month, on average, for each country - with the term "holidays in X" used to analyse nearly 900 different destinations.

Spain came in second place, whilst Australia, Greece and France rounded out the top five. The Maldives, whilst it didn't make the top five, was popular amongst Australian residents and South African travellers. For residents of Botswana and Zimbabwe, nearby South Africa is the most popular.

Joey Tyson, travel editor at TravelSupermarket, said: "Interestingly, European countries dominate the most Googled holiday destinations globally with four out of the top five being located on the continent."

It comes after Villas of Distinction, the luxury villa rental company, claimed that Italy will be a popular travel destination in 2019.

Steve Lassman, vice president of villa product & agency relations at Villas of Distinction, said: "Traditionally, Italy has been a strong destination for Villas of Distinction. Guests want to visit the legendary vineyards of Tuscany or indulge in the Amalfi Coast nightlife. A must if visiting the Amalfi Coast is Cantina del Vesuvio, a culinary food and wine experience in a wonderful Italian setting. Italy truly offers something for everyone."

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