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Holidays are top priority spend for Brits

Holidays are the top priority spend for British consumers.

People are willing to cut down their spend on luxuries like meals out or lavish purchases of clothes, bags and shoes to save money for holiday.

One quarter of people (25 per cent) would cut down on eating out to save money, whilst on 13 per cent of people would shun their annual vacation to save more pennies in their bank.

And 17 per cent of people would cut down the money they spend on technology compared to 18 per cent for accessories.

Abta brand and business development director, Victoria Bacon, said: "We have always been a nation of people who enjoy taking holidays and it is clearly a spending priority for a lot of people, often overtaking other popular items and leisure activities. For those looking to go on holiday this year, but are a bit conscious of cost, then it's really worth having a look at the deals and offers available at the moment. Many travel companies still have holidays left with free-child places or money off for summer breaks, and 60% of UK travellers say they booked a package holiday last year because it was the best value option for the price."

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