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Travel bookings take longer now

Travel bookings take much longer now despite technology innovation.

A study has revealed that in spite of technological advances, we take longer to make bookings for our holidays. It has been revealed that over two fifths (41.7 per cent) of consumers take more time to research and book their holiday than they did five years ago.

And with the rise of digital, there are now more travel websites and booking sites than ever and over half (50.15 per cent) of consumers decide to visit more sites than they did five years ago.

Mark Murray, Head of Travel at Yieldify, said: "The results of the study really confirm the trends that we've seen amongst many of our travel clients over the last year: as research and booking options proliferate, there's a need to shift toward personalisation strategies that improve the customer journey, making it easier for consumers to discover and purchase the right travel products."

Whilst Wai Lin Yip, Corporate Director of E-commerce at Arlo Hotels, who contributed to the report, added: "Travellers these days are very savvy. One of the biggest challenges for any travel brand is encouraging customers to book directly so that they can capture data and use it to build customer loyalty and ensure repeat business.

"What this report shows is that these booking journeys are so long and complex that attracting and sustaining attention demands a personalised approach."

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