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Children head abroad earlier

Children travel abroad 13 years sooner than their grandparents.

A study has found that young people nowadays are heading abroad over a whole decade quicker than their grandparents did when they were their age.

The average child will take their first holiday when they're eight-years-old, which is nine years sooner than the average adult and 13 years more than the generation before them. And a fifth of parents have revealed their kid would have travelled abroad by the time they are one, whilst 19 per cent said their first trip would have taken place between two or three.

A whopping three quarters of parents claim their children have been to more destinations abroad than they had at their age.

Cosmin Sarbu, head of travel insurance at Admiral Travel Insurance, which commissioned the report, said: "People are holidaying abroad more than ever before; from the occasional city break to far-flung adventures across the globe, seeing the world has never been easier. While the opportunity to travel has become more accessible, it's fascinating to see how travel trends vary across the UK between generations and regions. It will be interesting to see if Brexit impacts these trends and whether we'll see more people visiting destinations outside of the EU or travelling abroad less altogether."

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