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Travellers' digital detox

Travellers find it difficult to detach from their smartphones.

Those who decide to go on a digital detox whilst abroad find themselves soon struggling with withdrawal symptoms and anxiety because of it.

A team from the University of East Anglia published their findings in the Journal of Travel Research and the participants all admitted to feeling initial anxiety, frustration and withdrawal symptoms but for some, this later turned into feelings of acceptance, enjoyment and liberation.

Dr Brad McKenna of University of East Anglia's Norwich Business School said: "The trips our travellers took varied in terms of lengths and types of destinations, which provides useful insights into various influencing factors on emotions. We found that some participants embraced and enjoyed the disconnected experience straightaway or after struggling initially, while for others it took a little bit longer to accept the disconnected experience. Many also pointed out that they were much more attentive and focused on their surroundings while disconnected, rather than getting distracted by incoming messages, notifications or alerts from their mobile apps."

Dr McKenna believes this research could be used to help inform travel and tour companies or operators who offer digital detox packages on how best to handle their customer's new found anxiety and frustration.

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