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Last minute Christmas travel

Those who want to travel over Christmas shouldn't buy their tickets until the last minute.

A study by Expedia has found the best time to buy plane tickets to save money is between November 23 and December 9, with travellers looking at saving around 15 percent on average. Prices right at the last minute were approximately 2 per cent more than average whilst those who booked more than 91 days in advance spent 15 per cent more.

And travellers are advised to head abroad on Christmas Eve (December 24) if they want the best deals, with December 23 also a popular travel time for cheap flights. The Saturday before Christmas will cost around $100 more on average for those heading away for the Christmas season whilst December 21 is expected to be this year's most expensive travel day.

It comes after a separate study revealed the best time to buy a flight ticket is between three weeks and four months before you fly.

The study by has found that this is the "prime booking window" when it comes to bagging the best price on your flight.

They shared on their website: "We now come to the 'Prime Booking Window', occurring three weeks to four months in advance, and otherwise known as the best zone to nab a bargain. Hunting for cheap airfare? Focus your efforts here. Its not as though you won't see fares change in this zone but fares average within five percent of their lowest here, and you're most likely to see a cheap fare pop up."

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