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Family vacations make kids happier for longer

Family vacations make kids happier for longer.

It has been revealed that those children who head away for their holidays are happier for longer periods than those who don't.

Psychologist Oliver James told The Telegraph newspaper: "Family holidays are valued by children, both in the moment and for long afterward in their memory. It's all about talking nonsense with your parents, sharing an ice cream and moments of time in which your interests are genuinely taken into account. So if you're going to spend money on something, it's pretty clear which option makes more sense."

And it has also been revealed that "enriched environments" help kids to feel happier too - including special moments like "feeling sand between the toes" or "toasting marshmallows on a campfire".

Child psychotherapist Dr. Margot Sunderland added: "An enriched environment offers new experiences that are strong in combined social, physical, cognitive, and sensory interaction. Think: family together in the pool, walking together through the forest, touching long tall grasses waving in the wind, toasting marshmallows on campfire, hanging out together under warm sun, feeling sand between the toes. The brain fertilisers triggered in enriched environments are also associated with higher IQ in children. So, spend time exploring together in a new space, and you're making your child smarter."

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