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Cleanliness is important factor when looking for a hotel room

Cleanliness is the most important factor when looking for a hotel room.

A study has revealed that 97 per cent of the 2,000 Brits - who regularly stay in hotels - surveyed didn't like to see any remnants of the previous guest when they checked into their room, with one of the biggest bug bears being hair in the plughole of the shower (66 per cent).

And a whopping 84 per cent of guests insist they would not be making a second visit back to the same hotel if they found the accommodation was unclean the first time around.

However, if we do have an unclean room, we're not as likely to do something about it as 55 per cent of people ask to talk to management about it. We do like to ask for some monetary reimbursement though, with three quarters of guests insisting a refund or discount due to the cleanliness.

Greg Elmore, UK & Ireland country sales manager at P&G Professional, said: "It is clear from this research that for hotels, the key to guest happiness is maintaining a high level of hygiene. An unclean experience can damage a hotel's reputation, from negative reviews to the risk of losing repeat business. It is critical to ensure cleanliness is the starting point of a great guest experience."

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