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Chinese adventure market is booming

The Chinese adventure market is booming.

A study by Bannikin Travel & Tourism Ltd. has revealed that adventure holidays are becoming increasingly popular for China's residents both at home and abroad.

However, most of these people are "soft adventure travellers" (13.6 per cent) compared to just 2.7 per cent who are "hard adventure travellers".

They wrote in their report: "Chinese outbound tourists are known to travel en masse; to prioritise shallow sightseeing experiences; and to love shopping. But this is fast becoming an outdated description. With the experience of working, studying and travelling abroad, more Chinese tourists are becoming more adventurous - both in their choice of destination and activities. This is the first study to quantify the size of the outbound adventure tourism market from China. Our research shows that 16.3% of outbound Chinese travellers participated in adventure activities on their last international holiday."

And it was also revealed that Chinese adventure travellers were more likely to be men aged between 26 and 39.

They added: "Chinese adventure travellers are more likely to be male (61 per cent), whereas mainstream travellers are fairly evenly split. Adventure travellers are young - mainly between the ages of 26 and 39. Eighty-eight per cent (88 per cent) of adventure travellers are married but only 27 per cent have children. Due to China's one-child policy that was in effect until 2016, all adventure travellers surveyed had only one child. Unsurprisingly when considering the age of the travellers themselves, all children were under the age of 12."

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